Taming Wild & Crazy Girls

15 Oct
It’s an ongoing process, that’s all that I can say

One Response to “Taming Wild & Crazy Girls”

  1. Unknown October 15, 2009 at 6:52 am #

    I am a full believer in healthy flirting. Even if you are already in a committed relationship or marriage, and yes there is such a thing as innocent flirting… as long as you do not cross the line such as obsessing/stalking, touching, etc… actually offering yourself to the other party. You are correct, there are those out there that have no limits, have very little regard for boundaries. Plenty of people on the net looking for casual, meaningless, no-strings attached, one night stands… maybe two nights. But trust me Sweetheart… women love sex just as much as men and when it comes right down to it, it\’s not just the men that are seeking casual sex on the net. Uuugh! Regular innocent flirting is great for each person\’s self esteem, and it can even help renew your current relationship because some harmless flirting with a stranger will make you feel better about yourself which will be reflected in how you are around your partner. I have said it before and I will admit, I am a flirt (but only with selected friends) BUT…. it\’s flirtation WITHOUT intention. I AM also a one-woman kind of guy and that will NEVER change. Everyone has their own reason for waking up in the morning… Isn\’t it great!?! Periodically, we are forced to take stock of our relationship. We all need to give our relationship a routine commitment check-up. Make the most of what you\’ve got. If you have a relationship that is precious to you, do everything possible to make the most of it every day. Tend it, fortify it, nurture it. Give it all the time and attention you can. When you share the same goal with the relationship and are deeply committed to it, nothing will ever possess enough power to divide you, not temporary lapses in fidelity, financial problems nor a lack of passion and intensity.Cheers to you! You Rock Girl!

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