THIS GIVES A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO Strutting Your Stuff & Strummin’ The Same Old Tune

23 Sep
Today’s music blog is a collaboration between a bit from my Can’t Beat These Threads section of my consignment department (as shown above & is up for bids at the moment), and the following blog by none other than skitzo*:
It looks like Tupac Shakur might not be the king of posthumous releases anymore. Jimi Hendrix fans will be pleased to learn that there is still plenty of unreleased music and video to come from the guitarist’s short recording career. Hendrix’s sister Janie announced Monday that she plans to release new material every 12 to 18 months for the next 10 years.

Janie, who is the President and CEO of Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix — the two companies that oversee the legendary rocker’s legacy — broke the news to instrument manufacturer Gibson in an interview announcing plans for a new line of Hendrix guitars. "We probably have another decade of music, including video. Every 12 to 18 months we’ll continue to have new releases and Dagger [Experience Hendrix’s label for live recordings] official bootlegs," she said.

I need to interrupt you for a brief news-flash here… I just found out that the devil is
playing the world’s smallest violin just for you  (Reservoir Dogs)

Ino ino ino… hardy har-har, so anyway, in getting back to skitzo’s story, "Jimi was a workaholic," Janie explained. "After Electric Lady Studios was built he was able to record constantly for as many hours as he wanted to. It’s almost as if he knew he had only four years to accomplish everything that he did. We have an amazing amount of original masters, including a lot of material that hasn’t been previously released."

Hendrix says that tapes containing the unreleased material are currently being preserved in two separate locations in the "We keep them in a temperature-controlled vault," Janie added. "We have a s et of everything in Los Angeles and a set in New York in the event of something catastrophic happening. We have duplicates of everything."

Despite Jimi’s affinity for and association with Fender Stratocasters, Janie promises "a whole line of Jimi-inspired instruments" coming from Gibson.

 Don’t ever ride on the devil’s knee ~ Elton John in the song Ticking
*pseudonym for Nai

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