on repairing split ends with a little conditioner

23 Sep
 The following excerpt (slightly ëditted) is the remnants of a blog my friend wrote & then deleted after I began to fry her like a sunny-side up eggie-weggie flipped over easy whose bursting yolk is streaming forth all over the place:
Friends never will fry your end (they taught us that) but many a friend has frazzled me and left me in tears…only difference is now I know it never changes me and what I feel and perhaps I also have part in the frazzling. I can term those people FRIENDS who came with…
(and now I will try to finish what I urged her to complete, if she doesn’t mind, because she is still my better-than-good friend)
…nothing but good will & a big  because they are honest & admit their faults, consider me in their daily activities & make time for me, pay attention to the things I say, respect my opinions & my right to express them, share interests & teach me things, realize they are not any better or worse (off) than myself, as well as keep me in line & set me straight when my wheels slip off the track, therefore I classify them as the the ones who love me

One Response to “on repairing split ends with a little conditioner”

  1. Unknown September 27, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

    First of all, friendship must be genuine. In friendships we reveal what we are and who we are capable of becoming. Friendships demand that we reveal ourselves without pretenses or masks, without affection or deception. G.K. Chesterton knowing the risks involved in cultivating a solid friendship, summed it up when he said, "Friends are those with whom our faults are safe."Yes… friends keep you from being a psychopath. But best Friends share the same retardation!!! :o)

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