21 Sep
Why can’t some people get it?

This space is nothing but child’s play & mostly a tool for procrastinators.

Since I began this about 2 years ago, I was originally targeting eez werld toward my lifelong friends & family, to reminisce upon things & mainly to use sarcasm & satirical wit to alleviate sweating the small stuff and perhaps try to lighten up life a little, while also trying to teach others not to make the same mistakes that I have made in my past.

I had also checked off that I was interested in friends & business networking. Most of the people who have asked to join my space (I’d say around 90% of them so far) either collect me for a trophy & never speak to me or comment on anything worthwhile that I have written, or they are men trying to hit on me & they never comment on my stuff either, let alone even read it, and there have been hardly any people who actually "share" my interests (other than plagiarizing me or running with what I’ve been saying). What is most amusing to me is that there has been absolutely no one out there so far that is interested in business networking, even though originally they may have come across that way. Therefore, I have concluded that this is nothing but a playground for fools & people who love to bully others (especially when they know that people are busy with their own lives, jobs, children & families).
Myself, I have no children & I am now semi-retired, after being gainfully employed since the age of 14 up until the winter of 2008, despite the permanent damage I sustained & the pain &/or discomfort I endure daily from having received a knife-slash to my forearm (by a man with a lengthy history of abuse toward women) around 6 years ago, which would have rendered me without any feeling whatsoever in my fingers if the cut had been only 1 mm deeper (so my surgeon stated to me). Prior to me being victimized, I had been working for 13 years at the same company performing speed data entry of alpha-numeric codes mainly & running computer jobs. I also ran my own business purchased with money that I had saved since I was a child & was also involved in managing rental properties. I have tried my best at doing anything I can possibly do – even heavy labour. My doctor feels that I am a prime candidate for disability but I have been stubborn & insistent on making it my own way. After struggling to make ends meet for quite some time now (a rude awakening from my relatively cushy life prior to that), I’ve finally decided to throw in the towel & pursue what I have been paying toward for the past 40 years now.
Along with being a self-coined "lickitty-split Putzfrau who keeps The Hammer clean all the way around" (while taking the initiative to clean up other people’s shit when it isn’t even my job to begin with), I mainly use my computer for learning, researching, writing, hobbies & my own business endeavours, which include a consignment business, as well as selling & trading collector’s music, books, artwork, household items, trinkets, paraphernalia & some original ideas of my own. I have asked several of my friends if they would like to get together with me to work on a business venture or to help me with mine, but they show absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever, even though they say they have similar interests.
The rest of what I do with my private life is simply none of anyone’s business (unless, of course, I choose to write about it) & that’s a very tough titty for some of you to chew on, isn’t it? And as for what I’ve been explaining to you (yet again) in here, if you don’t already know it, this is all really none of your business in the first place. I don’t have to defend myself for who I am & I challenge anyone out there to put their money where their mouth is by trying to fill my shoes, because mostly what I’ve been seeing & hearing is all talk and no action.

I do not wish to offend anyone here, but I am speaking candidly, and again, if you don’t like what you see & what I say, you don’t have to come here. I peeve people who do nothing but pick fights out of spite & jealousy and I despise gossipers & those who try to get me involved in their personal bullshit. If I don’t like what I’m seeing & hearing from the people who have asked to join my network, I have the right to boot them out. Remember – I did not ask you to join me in the first place.
Another pet peeve of mine is pushy bullies who think the whole world revolves around them & no one else, especially the ones who act like little friggin’ babies by trying to get your attention in repetitively persisting on bothering you throughout the day (morning, noon & night), therefore keeping you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing or have set out to accomplish.
The ones I peeve the most out of the lot are the pesky nuisances who either cannot understand the words "I am busy" or "I have company right now" or just choose to ignore them & diligently set out to sabotage what you have going for yourself anyway. Those people, in my books, are the worst of the rudely ignorant, and after humouring them for so long, I finally get fed up with the nonsense & bring it to a screeching halt.


Can you not see how stupid this all is? You must not have much respect for yourself if you cannot respect the lives, privacy, interests & accomplishments of others, but would rather tread all over what has taken people a very long time to achieve. If you really cared about your life, your home, your mate, your children & your real friends (not your online ones), you would be giving your precious time & attention to them and not to faceless people who really do not matter.

This world has been going to hell in a handbasket (even more so) ever since they invented the bloody computer, because there are some people who wouldn’t leave it even if their house was burning down around them or if their mate threatened to leave them. And yes, I know this for a fact, for I have seen it with my very own eyes, folks.

I would also like to note that I truly value & appreciate your friendship (to those of you who already know that) plus a lot of others whom I’ve befriended, but you’ve got to agree with me that sometimes "enough is enough".



  1. Unknown September 22, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    It used to be that I didn’t tell a lot of people about my space nor did I use to accept a lot of friends request. I viewed it as my own personal little creative masturbation, and it was fine with me if the few people who stumbled onto my space via wherever else on the web wanted to pull up a chair and have a look at the “results” of my lip-biting. But over time, people I actually KNOW, like in real life, have started to learn about my space and read it with some regularity and tell me when they see me that wow, they had no idea how completely fucked in the head I am. The challenge is to be yourself in a world that\’s trying to get you to be like everyone else. Be who you wanna be, not who others choose to see. That\’s alright. Those that matter to me, don\’t mind. Those that do mind, don\’t matter to me… screw you people – you can stop reading now and never come back. That\’s the attitude that you need to adopt too Sweetheart! Having being diagnosed with Chronic PTSD, I started with msn spaces some years ago largely to pass time because I suffer from insomnia, which is more entertaining at a keyboard. I also blog to to alleviate some of the stress in my life and to share my experiences regardless of how odd they may be to others.As a writer, I love sitting down to blog. When I start a post I have no idea where I\’m headed. I love that freedom. I do write otherwise. With outlines and plans. Strategies. But blog writing is like going off for a walk with no predetermined finish time or route, sometimes the walk is through the fields, sometimes along the streets. The typing: different from what I might write with a pen, the pen being much closer to the heart. The typing taps into some place in my brain. I think my best writing comes when I am not thinking. I\’m just writing. So why do I blog? I blog to connect with amazing individuals like you! …beats dating sites! I\’ve learned a lot about people all over the world, people I would otherwise never get to know.MSN Spaces tends to be a lovely comfort of strangers and the majority of these strangers have grown into very good friends… unfortunately, some have not. I choose to believe that there are more good people amongst spaces than heartless trouble seekers. I am probably wrong, but would like to remain positive. Yes, I do agree with you, "enough is enough" at times and many times I have felt like throwing in the towel just to stop/avoid some of the bullshit that comes with spaces and/or people in general. BUT… I will not give those the satisfaction of just \’going away\’, and I hope that you will do the same as I. Cheers!::Beep…..Beep….. And that consludes this interruption.. I now return you back to }}}>>>—EEZ WERLD—<<<…Beep::

  2. Unknown September 22, 2009 at 6:17 am #

    Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it. – Belgicia Howell

  3. Elektra Magduhlana Marie September 22, 2009 at 7:14 pm #

    You\’ve unbefuddled me & my consludegeon is that I like it here…I maintain what I like & will remain POSITIVE 🙂

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