on nature’s shit being the centre of the universe…

15 Sep
…and being in a real shitter!
Check this primo example of misdirected rage & the odds of it all coming about:
And a great big thanx to you, Nai
Shit, never mind being caught taking a whizzz… I was caught by the seat of my pants (no pun intended) while pinching a few loaves & actually had to run over with my pants around my shankles the other day when some pesky piss-ant kept nudging me repetitively, when all was quiet before I had to drop my load …so, my suggestion to the narci missy in the vid is that he takes a downer &/or wacks off or sumfin before I give him a whack upsida da head… whoops, dayr it iz! KERPLUNK! Sheesh
I’m giving it a little horsepower here, so in getting back to the topic of digging up the dirt & mixing in a little horseshit (to boot) but on a mu(l)ch lighter after I purchased a semi-new toilet seat from a yard sale in the past couple of years, rather than putting to rest the old toilet-seat from the 50’s here (which almost every single person I know has used or abused thru-out the course of time  including my friends, lovers, exes, immediate family, near-&-far-at-some-point relatives, enemies, strangers & even some of my pets, including the mice, fish, my  & ) in good turn, I decided to turn the center of our universe into a makeshift commemorative planter & continue to make it a centre for attention, for I just can’t bear to throw it away, after all the creatures that it has put up with, been through and seen through. Who knows? It may even have a few of ’em rolling over in their graves (with laughter, that is)
Now I’m closing the lid on that topic & giving it a rest for now! 

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