Upside of Seeing Things in Black & White

10 Sep

Seeing as how one of my passions is looking at the B-sides of things, along with admiring flora & fauna and weeding when I need a breather, I’ve decided to write a little dig on digging up the dirt today.


After pointing out to my girlfriend the other day that there is an upside & an upswing to our daily jobs & workplaces regardless of the fact that it’s not always a bowl of cherries when you’re dealing with the public & trying to maintain your composure in providing excellent customer service while endeavouring to deal with annoying & pesky people in a diplomatic way without losing it (did I get that all in & get across what I’m getting at here?)… she challenged me to tell her the upside of weeds in the garden & if I can think of something, I win.


What do I win, BTW? The Scottish national flower – the thistle? Anyway, I’m gonna give you my 2 cents’ worth on the topic of my love-life of B-sides. My pushing-50 special friend who is (still) a boy purposely planted a baby thistle right beside my fave (purple) lemon-lime spiked, 1 out of 2 known varieties of Spider Worts (because he knew that it would bother me for I absolutely peeve thistles) & insisted that they are beautiful & have a purple flower as well (as we both happen to be purple-lovers).



If you’ve noticed (in my photo albums), the “before” shot I took in the Spring of this year, the Spider Wort was perfectly round & billowing with blooms, take a look at the "after" picture of it from a couple of months later (if you can find it in my 1000’s of piccies, because I can’t), it has more or less been enveloped & consumed by the thistle, and in my opinion (and that’s only my opinion of course), it looks absolutely terrible!


The very same day that I took the picture of the drowned Spider Wort, I pointed out to him that the purple flowers I planted in the stone urn had a “misfit” – a white flower on the stem, & I told him that I purposely picked it out from the greenhouse we bought it from, because of the simple reason that it was an “oddball”. Now before I tell you what he did next, I need to mention to you that those flowers were already blooming for several months already, so I’m gonna let you guess what he did after I pointed out the virginal non-conformist… he immediately picked it off & squashed it between his fingers! So would it be safe for me to assume that this type of eccentric behaviour of my man-boy friend’s is a display of someone who sees everything in “blek & white”?



 Just kidding… I thought I would use a sad face today, just to try it out, because I very rarely do & this could very well be the 2nd or 3rd time ever! Remember that grimaces cause worry-lines and I can read right between the lines, ‘cause I’m no longer “green behind the ears”, folks!
Green-thumbs up to you all & I hope you are enjoying the soft & gentle fall breezes aimlessly drifting your way. Don’t forget that life’s nothing but a  breeze.

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