9 Sep
It appears to me as if Halloweeneez coming around early this year for some of us onliners as of late. Does anyone remember what Popeye said? "I am what I am what I am"… way-elle, as Liz Montgomery used to say, I have no other reason or justification for anything except to say that the devil made me do it, and seeing as how it’s 09/09/09, the upside-down version of that dreadful "6 6 6", this is all that I can tell you on the subject of stirring up bad blood amongst peeps, and if you don’t already know it from reading my profe page, a vampire once bit me (but that doesn’t make me "twice shy", hee hee hee) so now I can sniff people out – and if you can’t take a joke, then you can bite me too! I wrote this note very early this morning, because I was getting the feeling that I am "not allowed" to poke humour at the eccentric, mystical, quirky & psychotic people & things on the face of this earth by using satirical & sarcastic wit – which just so happens to be one of the Küchen family’s fortés. And if you (apparently) haven’t read what Goldie Hawn quoted in yesterday’s blog, then I guess it must really suck to be you!
In light of what I’ve just said, here’s the note I wrote before I crashed early this morning, and BTW, it is very "rare" that I will compromise with anyone regarding the things that I post in "MY SPACE", and when you notice that I’ve deleted or modified stuff, it’s only because I have actually done this out of "respect" for you and no one else (but that doesn’t mean that I won’t re-post it at some later point in time, heh).   HERE   WE   GO   !!!
After all that’s been said & done, after all that I’ve been thru, I have nothing more to say about my own personal love-life on here anymore.

You already know the story & there’s nothing more to tell except that I am divorced and haven’t been able to get things right with anyone else since then. I don’t know all the answers, even though I consider myself to be a smart cookie (hahaha), but from now on I would prefer to put an end to the personal digs & references to people I know, whether they are coming from me or from my online friends. The past can’t be changed. And that is why I say the Serenity Prayer every day, as part of my 3 daily prayers, because I am finally at the point of accepting things that I cannot change, having the courage to change what I can and thereby finding some serenity in my life. As for the jokes & sharing our hobbies, keep ’em coming – no holds barred.

Oh, and before I start to wipe everything off of my "what’s-new" page, there are a lot of people reading my stuff that take things too personally & shouldn’t even begin to think they are being directed at them. For instance, the picture of the bride in her scivvies that says she doesn’t know oregano from Draino… well that one was directed at newlywed friends whose wedding I went to & the bride is just beginning to learn how to cook. And believe me, no one is laughing at anyone behind their backs here… IT’S ALL GOOD

Gosh, darn, golly & gee-whizzzzz!!!! Same with the Gay Paris photo album – I was just trying to show some of the onliners here – the "faceless" people who I know that I can put my money where my mouth when I say I have done certain things & that I am the person that I say that I am. And I challenge all the rest of you to do the same for me too – it’s only out of mutual respect, really! I’m happy to say that there are already quite of few of you who have taken their masks off & shown the "real you"; all the more power to you & to us! Just think here for a moment… would you want to talk to a "faceless" person & befriend them with facts regarding your precious life? I don’t think so! So not only am I straightening out my act (yet again), I am asking likewise in return from you if you want to remain a friend to me (you know who you are – I don’t need to point "those of you" out).



Shucks! I almost forgot to mention this fact, in case you don’t already know it – I’m bi-sexual (and you can’t watch). So there you have it… big fucking deal & tough-titty for you!

And speakin’ of lies & being a liar, I personally feel that I have nothing to lie about but would rather just remain "inaccessible" to certain meddlesome people in my life, but I would like to point out that it takes one to know one, for one thing, and for another, be careful who you tell any lies to (if you do tell them), because you never know if the person you told those lies to might just end up fessing up to the person you were lying about, if you catch my drift here.

Enough said (for now)  

So light(en) up, watch the fireflies light up, piss on it & fogetaboutit!
Nighty-nite, don’t let the bed-bugs bite & have a wonderful day, everyone.


2 Responses to “How’s this for STIRRING UP SOME BAD BLOOD?”

  1. Xanthea September 9, 2009 at 6:26 pm #

    Ms. Li\’l E, one of the things I LUV about you is your frankness!!! So keep it up kid, I LUV ya for it! (Hey – Halloween? – BRING it on!)

  2. ♥ Bekkie September 12, 2009 at 11:11 pm #

    I agree Lil e I enjoy reading your stuff and you should write that book! To hell with what others are thinking, it\’s what you think that counts! Hope you\’re having a great weekend I can\’t seem to find you to chat with. Luv ya! Oh! Talk about Popeye look in your Guestbook hon. ♥

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