Anybody feeling caged in?

31 Aug

FYI, all of you ditses & Doubting Thomases, or anyone else out there who feels the need to put their 2 cents’ worth in today, when someone is mentally unsound, feeling suicidal & depressed, then come to me to "help" them, I tell them to get off of their arsses & do some work and be fruitful in some way, rather than sitting around crying all day to people – wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.

Then if they can’t get the gist of it, and continue to pester me, demanding all of my immediate attention regarding their negativity & unhealthy state of body & mind, all the while they’re unloading all of their problems onto me, but not actually listening to me when I give them good & solid advice, I end up telling them to seek help elsewhere, either by admitting themselves into a psychiatric hospital if they feel they are at the point of killing themselves &/or attend professional counselling.

If they choose to go ahead & SELFISHLY do themselves in anyway (while sometimes even leaving behind their VICTIMIZED innocent children), then that is not my problemo, chickie-poos!

God did not put me on the face of this earth to hold everyone’s hands & spoon-feed them, while they drain me & suck me dry both emotionally, financially, mentally & physically.

I may be a "Putzfrau" & take an interest in psychology and sociology, but that doesn’t put me in charge of cleaning up other people’s lives. Hey, isn’t it obvious to you already that I can hardly maintain my own life here?

By the way, I just sold a cage for $40 cash about 10 minutes ago, so if you want to start a business venture with me, or help me to work on mine, feel free to contact me…


…but if you’re only out to waste my precious time and prevent me from running my business here, while having absolutely nothing valuable to offer me, then you can eff off & leave me the fuck alone!

It’s a -eat- world out there, and the sooner you "get it" the sooner you will "get on with it".

So if you want someone to blame or someone to unload your negativity on today (or on any other day for that matter), take it elsewhere, please & thanx!

P E A C E 


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