Alles hatt seiner Zeit

29 Aug


As I have quoted above in German, "everything has its time" like Nastassia Kinski said (when she portrayed a good angel) in the multi-cultural 1993 Cannes Film Festival winner "Far Away, So Close" while cradling a dying man in her arms & whispering gentle words of comfort. 


Those words ring so very true… "everything has it’s time"

but only if you ask God to deliver it to you first,

 but you have to give him the time, as it’s very important that he knows it,

believe me!


I have been OMG-OMG-OMGing for the past 4 hrs or so because today just might be one of the most happiest & saddest days of my entire life.

I am calling it "good grief", the astounding emotions that I am feeling right now & in both respects of the term, for I am crying both sad & happy tears.



The happy tears are for God granting me my wish, & I am truly blown-away by it all right now and keep looking at the ceiling saying "thank-you God" over & over again while shedding tears on & off and intermittently, because the odds of what I had wished for were near to none, for that I am most certain. But I suppose by consistently & diligently putting forth my prayers & practising what I’ve been learning from the Power of Positive Thinking applications, it has been paying off for me. Never mind the rains & my dream promonitions. They, in themselves, are freaking me out!



The sad tears are for the mourning of a very good friend of mine who I found out had passed on and I am also overwhelmed by

a very profound & profuse profusion of utter confusion right now, trying to backtrack to the day that it might have happened.

I am flabberghasted, to say the least, and I broke out bawling my eyes out there for a bit, while shaking my head from side to side,

and now I’m even beginning to blame myself for not being able to prevent it from happening.

I’m even wondering if I may even have had a hand in it to begin with somehow by not

reaching out a hand when this person needed it the most. 


I have already dealt with my own very best friend’s suicide in the same way, several years ago,

when I also experienced the very same emotions, thoughts & feelings,

so I’m just trying to remain rational here, by realizing there was nothing that I could have done to prevent this from coming about.


All in all, I guess you could say that today is a BOO-HOO GOOD-GRIEF DAY!




Thanks for granting my wishes; each & every time I ask, I receive.

So "ask & ye shall receive" (but don’t forget to give God the time & say eez 3 daily prayers).

I hope you all have a better-than-good day, and that the  will always shine for you, come what may! 

Never forget that for every death there is a birth,
for every sleep, there is a re-awakening,
for anything that can wither can fluorish again,
for there is no within if there is no without,
& there is no way back if there was no way in.

(quote unquote by ëCK on Sat Aug 29/09 & to be copyrited)  



  P e a c e  ~  H a r m o n y  ~  E q u a l i t y  ~  E q u i l i b r i u m 




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