When The Lord Speaks

28 Aug

Now there is strength & power for ya! See my humore came beck! Now some of yooz r weelly gonna fink I’ve completely gone off my rocker today, but others of you who already know me will get a kick or two, or maybe even three out of it, plus a belly fulla laughter, & you’ll probably be left with a lot of  Q’s & "what-ifs".


Uno, when I’m feelin’ overwhelmed by people, I work for about an hour, dusting & cleaning, and re-arranging things, or I go for at least an hour-long walk. But before I do that, I always keep in mind that when the Lord speaks, he speaks in strange ways & then I say my 3 daily prayers, and if you don’t know what they are by now, figure them out – I dare you to delve deeper into eez werld! Be my guest, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


If you’re still feeling troubled about anything after you’ve produced sumfin & taken in a little bit of exercise, then sit down, get some paper & a pen in hand, then write down, in point form, all of your random thoughts. I call this “gathering”… as in gathering your thoughts together. Anyway, I have found this helps me out a lot all the way around in my life.


And gathering from yesterday’s outcome, it was a day full of learning, exercise & trials, but it was a lot of fun and mostly all created by myself. On a whim, I decided to walk uptown rather than taking a bus. And being the peep-watcher that I am, I happened to notice, at random, a lot of younger women trailing behind a man, and it shawr di’int luke pritty, eh? And wouldn’t ya know it, I bumped into a friend in little Euro who was waiting in line to cash a post-dated cheque, along with the rest of a throng of maybe about 50 people, who were mainly men. Then I happened to notice that a lot of women were impatiently hovering in the doorways nearby, while nervously sucking away on cigarettes.



I told him that I decided to get my hair cut on the spur of the moment and wanted to get an eyeful of peeps along the way (and in this context, I mean people). I also filled him in on how I was thoroughly enjoying following the women in particular and studying their gait. I don’t find it improper in any way, because I am doing nothing out of the ordinary except for taking sidelong & beforelong (haha) glances out of my dark glasses. What I do not like to do is stare at people for too long or look at them when people point them out to me by striking their arm & fingers out at them, and if you are tricked into following their direction, you are the one who will usually end up getting caught by catching their eyes when their eyes catch you in the act. That must make them feel pretty creeped-out, wouldn’t you think, and you would probably be made to feel like a creep when you end up being stared down for taking peeps of peeps. Uh huh… now that is darn-right all-around rude! 


Getting back to the rest of the afternoon, we went & picked up lunch at a Japanese grill & he asked if I could clean his house for him and offered me a beer. After we ate our lunch & he began to complain about this & that, I told him I wasn’t into cleaning up his subtle messes & that he was quite capable of doing it himself. So while the going was good, I packed up the super nice Euro threads he picked up for me, gave thanks & left, making my way back to the Gore Park area, where I picked up a smickey of Wiser’s for later on (and this is the first one I bought since that “fateful” day last year, when I came down with a puke & shit filled heavenuvva flu that lasted for well over a month). Now wasn’t that an appropriate subliminal choice for the theme of my mood, and I didn’t even feel giddy or lackadaisical from drinking it yesterday, although it did help to calm my nerves a bit. 


But they were certainly not calm when I bumped into another fellow while on the way to catching my bus, who was so enraptured by me that he began to make advances toward me. He began by saying “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” just like he was a little kid or sumfin (hee hee hee). I didn’t think it was funny at all when I told him “no” & he proceeded to whip his dick out and fondle it, asking me if I thought it was nice. I said, “yeah, I guess it’s okay”, even though I thought it was pretty geikly, and insisted that I take my leave, but he just kept right on wanting to grope & fondle me.



You can imagine my sigh of relief when I finally ran down the street & caught the bus just in the nick of time!


But there is one good thing that came out of it all – I gave a woman the shirt off my back while I was down there & I feel that this was my good deed of the day. I didn’t even care that it was one of my most favourite shirts because this woman obviously needed one & I knew that I already owned hundreds of shirts & that I can buy another one any time I feel like doing so. And nope, silleez, I didn’t go around topless after that or sport nothing but a bra – I came prepared by dressing layered (as I often do) & wearing my black sequinned "wife-beater" underneath. 


Speaking of the Lord & the Lord speaking, I just finished praying my 3 daily prayers, and I’m going to tell you what came into my mind yesterday, when he spoke through me. Now these are only thoughts, okay? Random thoughts at that, but somehow they are all correlated in some way.


HERE WE GO… in this corner, weighing in at a little over 130 lbs, we have Li’l Chicken-Featherweight ë:




  • MACHIAVELLI vs MAKAVELI… IIIs there any resemblance between the two, you might ask? Hmm. If you don’t know who Makaveli is, it’s an Italian man who faked his own death & then killed his enemies. Machiavelli, on the other hand, is an Italian philosopher, writer & politician (and I love his quotes). I also like this one:

"When we get to heaven, we’ll
laugh about all this bullshit."


– Tupac Shakur 1996 House of Blues



  • THE NAKED WOMAN by Picasso (valued at millions of dollars, one can only imagine) that went missing during the Gulf War, which was in the 1990’s, was confiscated from thieves in Iraq & found in Bagdad (almost 20 years later); the thieves were asking a mere 450 G’s for it!


  • THE CONTEXT OF COMPLIMENTS… as compliments being nice when people see that you notice them vs &/or same as complimenting each other ie. you’re down – he’s up, he’s up – you’re down.


  • METAPHORIC CROSSWORDS – what about 2 down & 2 up? Hahaha!!! CROSS WORDS “meaning” ‘cross words’ & ‘crossing each other’.


Always remember “what goes up must come down” never mind double-crossing!


And how about the XX’s & the XXX’s & the X’s, which I will write about in a later blog, because that’s another volume & a half.


All I know is that when you get plenty, there’s always the word “no”… now that is priceless! And yep, it’s a cruel world out there, folks!


On the same note & in coming to a close here, I believe that in order to be finely tuned, you need to achieve an equalibrium & reach the median point where you can find the real value both within yourself, the people, the things & the world around you.


On another  since I’ve been well-versed & in tune with being in separate corners (whether they’re on a bingo card or in a fighting ring), here’s a few more of eez verses on versus:


  • EYE-CATCHING vs CATCHING AN EYE… when you’re left waiting, juggling & tossing, this is no eye-catcher, but you really catch an eye & get a lift by learning from other people’s examples. And that’s what we are all here for, really – to learn from example.

  • IT’S ALL ON YOUR BACK there & back, finding your way back, back to square one, back to reality, back to good,  back-to-back, bare-back, back to life, back bacon, back-stabbing, having no back (meaning you are spineless), back tracking & tracking back. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s all coming back to you & don’t you ever worry because sooner or later, “they" are all coming back. You’d better believe it, babeez! How about when things go missing & they end up finding their way back? Just lay on your back & watch the movie Poltergeist, then feel the prickles stand up on your back! So get up offa your back & if you don’t want them to come back, just tell them, "get off of my back". And if they don’t have a spine to stand on, they will.




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