26 Aug


You’re angry, I know it, I would be too

It’s hard finding out that there’s nothing you can do

But continue to fight all the demons in your head

And learn to shut out all the awful things they’ve said


I want you to know I’m glad that you’re still here

Though I wish I could take away every last tear

Keep striving towards the impossible seeming dreams

Don’t let those bastards pull you apart at the seams


This is a song especially for you

To celebrate everything that you do

For the pain you endured

And the tears that you cried

For absolutely everything

That you bottled up inside


I’ve watched you fall apart and pick yourself up again

Always afraid to reach out to a friend

Defeating the dreadful foes all alone

Just because you didn’t feel you could pick up the phone


I saw how you struggled just to get up each day

And how no matter what the bad feelings would stay

The aches and pains that tore through your very soul

The price you paid to stick around seemingly an almighty toll


How I wish I could have saved you

From everything you went through

How I wish I could have been there

To show that someone really cared

How I wish you weren’t the one

That had to carry this tonne

How I wish this song were about

Someone else for whom I could shout


Let out everything that you bottled up inside

Giving a reason for every tear that you cried


(by LyraStorm)


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