What Does It Mean?

22 Jul
 Does anyone really know what anything means anymore? By saying this, what I mean is, do people even understand the words they use when they call someone nicknames & nouns that appear to be nothing but harmless when you look them up in the dictionary?
I am not, by any means, trying to center out or pinpoint a specific person or a group of people today, but rather am just commenting about a topic that has been of great interest & meaning to me in the past decade, and that’s the fascinating subject of name-calling. And seeing as how I myself have become the test-subject & guinea pig for some people in my life who seem to find it amusing to coin words for me, without even understanding what they really mean or even being able to spell them for that matter, I am dedicating this blog to them today.
Okie use’ ta mean you was from Oklahoma.
Now it means you’re a dirty son-of-a-bitch.
Okie means you’re scum.
Don’t mean nothing itself, it’s the way they say it.

~ The Grapes of Wrath (Chapter 18)
I remember, going back to around 30 or 40 years ago, my playfriends & schoolmates would call each other "gay" and they generally used the word for people who were nothing but stupid & silly, because, back then, their parents & their schools were keeping that word "hush hush". So they could have just adopted it into their lingo after having overheard the word being mumbled by adults under their breath. On the other side of the coin, kids used to call each other "goof" for absolutely no other reason but to suggest that the person was being stupid & silly, which, in this case, is the correct meaning of the word. The only goof children of that generation were probably familiar with was Goofy, a cartoon character.
Nowadays, in my city, if you call someone a goof, there’s a good chance that you will end up with your nose being on the other side of your face, haha! Yep, that is what it’s come to, folks!

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