21 Jul
Sweet terms of endearment are always welcome, especially if you are in love. However, many times, in the attempt to express our thoughts and emotions to that special person, we tend to end up either babbling or saying something that really makes no sense!

Just like in any other endeavor, it is important in love too, to weigh words and express yourself in the best possible manner. What you say matters! Men usually find it quite challenging to keep the string of ‘sweet nothings’ going from zilch to a hundred. Along the way, through the journey of togetherness, they tend to prefer the use of body language and physical gestures to communicate how they feel. However, the need to be reminded verbally about the special feelings for her is far more than anything else. There are a lot of sweet things to say to your girl friend, if only you are more observant.

More than complimenting her on how she looks or the regular ‘You are beautiful’, the special girl in your life most certainly and secretly hopes that you would pay a little more attention to things in the peripheral that matter to her. You should be a part of every success she celebrates and compliment her on every challenge faced. The girl in your life could be a student, a woman pursuing a career or even one exploring avenues in her pursuit of happiness. It is essential to keep in mind that you matter and so does every thing you say. Taking for granted that the feelings are reciprocated by her too, she is with you because of the quality you add to her life. What you say invariably makes a big difference in her life. This is due to the fact that she cares about the time she spends with you and what you think of her. Sweet things to say to your girl friend include letting her know that you are very impressed with her confidence level and sensitivity.

All girls look for more than just compliments on their physical appearance. She, most definitely, would yearn to hear you compliment her on accomplishments, rather than her hairdo. Yes, it is true that her physical attributes must be complimented too, but she most certainly will be more empowered as a person with your observation about her and her work. The sweet things to say to your girl friend should not only include sugar coated praise, but also honest assessment of her and her endeavors. Love, friendship and togetherness are the three legs of the tripod called ‘Infinity’. This refers to the endless and unfathomable quality of life you could share together. One that is based on mutual respect and genuine concern!

The girl in your life naturally expects you to help her grow in the relationship. While she revels in your every ready and spontaneous praise for the way she looks, dances, her poise, etc; deep down in her heart, she wishes for you to be a part of her triumphs and failures. Simply offering her a shoulder to cry on, while you keep getting smarter at your job will not work any wonders for the relationship. Your happiness at her growth as a person will reflect amply in her reactions to your successes. The sweet things to say to your girl friend should include advice, concern and correction. You should be mentally geared to handle the woman of the 21st century, who unlike mother is very conscious about her career and space.

Try, ‘Wow, it must have been difficult, but look at the way you handled yourself!’, ‘Go, grab every opportunity that comes your way, I’m right behind you’, ‘I’m so proud to be a part of your life’ or ‘God, and they thought beauty and brains don’t come in one package!’. She will not only love you for the encouragement, but she will also be genuinely touched by the way you feel. The woman of today needs more than just a companion in any relationship. She looks for a personification of understanding, respect and unconditional love. Your list of sweet things to say to your girl friend should include terms of endearment that are potent with character and class.

She will soon forget all those sweet nothings you whisper about her attire or gait. She will keep embedded deep within the recesses of her being, every word uttered to egg her on and bring out the best in her. The woman of substance looks forward to growing with you and has long since outgrown the home and hearth scene. She expresses her simplicity in her accomplishments and expects you to be a part of them, just as she shares your dreams.

(by Gaynor Borade)


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