At the same time, every day

20 Jul
how ’bout pitchin’ yourself a tent?
}}}}}}>>>——1 FREE Q/DAY, FOLKS*——<<<{{{{{{ 
Today’s 1st free Q: "Have you started menopause or are you just kidding"?


No horror moans from this kiddo – just whore moans all the way, babe! Let’s put it this way; if I can achieve 3 orgasms in less than 3 minutes, my parts are still up to par, hon. And you hit the nail on the head once again, sweety – menopause began the day I turned 45 (on Apr 28 of last year) & after my 46th birthday this year, my period’s ETA is on permanent unavailability. I now get hot flashes from not even thinking about sex or being near anyone sexy for that matter, haha!

The black pellets from the Chinese herbalist are at least $50/month & I refuse to pay for them. I also don’t take any medical prescriptions other than marijuana, of course (heh). My Indonesian friend ate seaweed as part of her diet thr’t her life & she claims she’s never had any symptoms of menopause whatsoever because of seaweed being a staple (and her doc seconded that opinion).

My advice to those of us MENopausal women & squids out there today is "pitch a tent" on a remote then nibble on some seaweed (before we deal with any more semen or seamen) & drive those ole whore-moanal, horror-moanal, or hormonal (whatever the fuck you wanna call ’em) rampantly evil darts into the ocean so it can swallow them up for good, rather than casting our crazy tentacles out to all those undeserving poor people out there who get enveloped by our cloudiness & drawn into our nastiness. Another piece of advice I have to give on the subject is to stay positive & busy, for if you keep your mind off both your real & imaginery symptoms altogether, you will find that life will be a breeze. Someone (XX) mentioned that you can also develop a face fulla zits when you go thru menopause & my best known cure for that is to get as much sunshine (& give as much sunflower 😉 as you possibly can, my dears!

Speakin’ of psycho-bitches, I noticed that Madonna was snorting sumfin’ from the Chinese guy in that B-movie she made about yet another squiddish psychotic woman (forgot its name) – uno, the one with Willem Dafoe (the guy who played Jesus)? So if you ever see me snortin’ the white stuff, that’s what it probably is, BTW.

So, get some & a  on today! CHEERS!  

*at the same time, every day!

One Response to “At the same time, every day”

  1. ♥ Bekkie July 21, 2009 at 4:20 am #

    So this is my answer in a blog huh? OK. Just as long as ya keep mine out of it. LOL!

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