about goofs…

17 Jul
…and if anyone has a problemo with me re: negativity, I have already made it perfectly clear umpteen times already that I have chosen to stay away from negative people, especially the ones who are not happy with themselves & are bent on goofing up the good things you have going for yourself, by doing nothing but breeding & multiplying hate.

And if, for some reason, you may be offended by the word "goof", then look it up in the dictionary & you will find that a goof is someone who is a foolish & stupid person.

I have found fools to be people who can’t take care of their own lives but try to meddle in everyone else’s business & who also get off on mixing people up, messing with people’s lives & destroying everything around them. If you’re asking yourself why they do this, it’s because they have nothing to lose & they will try to drag you right down with them. So don’t let a goof fool you nor make a fool of you.

If you fit the description of what I am describing above, then that makes you a GOOF (in my books) & I will boycott you from eez werld.

A lot of people don’t like what I have to say & apparently, the truth hurts. I really don’t care if certain people don’t like me because those are the very same people I didn’t want anything to do with in the first place & I was trying to stay clear of.

Oh yes, you’re probably saying to yourself, "that fucking bitch is one to talk" & you are probably right, because I have become the victim of negative goofs many times throughout my life, and have been ensnared & drawn into their evil lairs. But when my better judgment steps back in & takes over once again, by telling me that NEGATIVITY BREEDS NEGATIVITY, I immediately take steps to vanquish it from my life. It’s just as easy as brushing dandruff off of your shoulders!

So I will say it here once again (for all of you EVIL  GOOFS who do not seem to comprehend it):


Just turn yourself in the opposite direction & find yourself another sucker you can make a fool out of.


And to anyone else out there, I hope you have an better-than-GOOD day!

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