Fact vs Fiction*

14 Jul
The Bible says "judge not lest ye be judged".

Why is it that we let other people’s problems eat us up inside? If we are really a friend to anyone, we would take the bullet for them by helping them. Yet we contradict ourselves by justifying our stance with several reasons as to why someone is a bad person, while also showing that they are not worthy of being a friend to us. Perhaps some of us are also having nightmares because we recognize the exact same flaws within ourselves that we seem to be chastising others for. Who knows, really?

I refuse to get involved with anyone anymore who I feel could only serve as a potential threat to me by hindering me in staying clear of negativity. In so many words, what I’m really trying to say is that evil & negativity is not welcome here. Negative people are preventing me from moving forward – that is a proven fact. Therefore, I will not jeopardize my life & my home in any way whatsoever by people who I have had the misfortune to learn not to trust.

If we all stayed clear of harmful people & learned from their mistakes (as well as our own), we will find how easy it is to concentrate on bettering our own lives, just like I am trying my best to do right now. Some days are good & some days are bad – that’s just the way it is. It’s all in your hands how your day is going to turn out when you wake up in the morning; you are the moves you make.

I have a piece of advice today for any of you lightning rods out there who think they can use me for a conductor. Why don’t you try making a light parfait, by starting off with a smooth horizon, then blanketing it with a clear sky & caressing it with the winds of change? Then after you’re finished preparing your just desserts, read some fairy tales & folklore (if you’re not into reading the Bible), for these are useful & realistic tools for helping to bring you out of your fantasy world.
Happy Bastille Day!
*to be copyrighted by ëCK  (1963 –     )

2 Responses to “Fact vs Fiction*”

  1. ♥ʊ♥ c ♥ʊ♥ July 14, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    I agree with you… and no matter how angry I get at situations or people… I am still a friend and will offer my help in any way possible… I am NOT a bad person and will never be a bad person… I rant and rave but I am good at heart… regardless whether you believe that or not.i have friends in bad situations and honestly I want nothing more than to help them… I just wish I could get through some of their thick skulls and tell them the way to get real help… but alas for now I will sit here and help them in any way I can… good or bad for them… sigh.Hugs

  2. GOTHIC July 14, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    i believe hun that no matter how much advice you give and no matter how much pain and sadness you see a loved friend go through at the end of the day they will ultimately choose their own path a good friend will offer support and mop up the tears over and over again xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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