that she’s not going to beat herself up over…

10 Jul
…for the only type of help I can give you today where it concerns other people, after having scanned over the themes of many people’s notes for the past few weeks is:

a) if people around you are sick, don’t make yourself sick worrying about them; just be there to "help" them for that’s all you can do & let nature take its course…

b) getting surprised with distasteful problems that include you should not hinder you from taking care of the immediate issues at hand & file the rest into a box until the day comes when you need to deal with them again; don’t let the small stuff take over your thoughts every day because there’s nothing more you can do about it anyway – and same goes for the above item…

c) Hate Hate Hate – is there really such a thing after all? When you hate with a passion & being passionate about something means that you love to do it, then are you not actually loving something that you disguise with hate?

Now I’m getting to the bed-part, which is my most fave topic of all, because that is your #1 priority right now, as well as mine. The bed I feel the most comfortable in is a Japanese kinda version – a boxspring with a mattress on top – without any frame whatsoever, and a big firm one, to boot! The pillows are important too – didja know it’s not healthy to sleep with your head too elevated? I have conducted experiments (one of my eccentric hobbies, as you well know by now) and have trIed sleeping several ways & in different environments, and this is what suits me the best. And by also incorporating the practice of Feng Shui, in placing my head in a south-easterly direction while I’m sleeping has already given me a good sound rest, I have found.

All in all, I think it’s the total environment around you that creates your best feelings & moods, and that’s why I strive to perpetually change my environment as I see fit, especially when my gipsy feelers are telling me to try it another way if the current way is just not making me feel very good in general.

Now that I have given you some positive things to continue to think about, I wish you a better-than-mellow day, everyone, and pls don’t forget to get a hold of me ASAP re: the waning preps as I need to strengthen my support system in warding off evil curses & spirits as of late

The one & only,



One Response to “that she’s not going to beat herself up over…”

  1. ≈whispering leaves July 11, 2009 at 3:36 am #

    all words of great wisdom~peace~

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