6 Jul

So we have all heard the story of the “gold digger”, the friend who is there for you until the money runs out, the family who mourns, not the death of a member, but the money they did not inherit. Have we not all overlooked something about a person due to the fact that we knew they had money or status? We have. In fact, the mere appearance of status or money (for a man or woman) makes us more attractive. I agree, success and money reeks of stability. However, below the sweet smell of a rose, there is the prick of the thorns…

.  Li’l ë would rather get pricked by rose-bush thorns than by any more pricks, so instead of "losing it" yesterday, she manicured the neglected bushes, pulled out & cut down the rampant weeds as best she could, despite her injury, using nothing but her bare hands & a pair of Wiltshire scissors, and she didn’t mind getting blistered, scratched & poked or even the blood running from her wounds, although it’s not her job to do here & her previous efforts to beautify the outside were sabotaged in the past. Now why do you think she keeps on trying despite her saying, "I’m throwing in the towel"? Because she is proud of herself & not ashamed to show it, especially after the whole street has been riling themselves up against her fucked-up brother & her crazy mother, who, along with a few other people who call themselves her friends, do nothing but destroy her life & everything she still has going for herself, each & every time she picks herself up & leans closer toward independency again.

So that being said… I offer some wisdom. If you ever “care” about or (God willing) actually truly Love someone, remember that if they truly Love you nothing can ever change that (and they will never change you). We have seen money and success change even the best of men, but eventually things slow down, and more often than that they find themselves alone.

“Money can’t but you love” may be words from a song, but how (in today’s greedy society) can you expect to find love when a person focuses on nothing but your money. If you want to pay for your “attention” for the rest of your life, then you should be fine. I mean brothels and strip clubs offer the same benefits and cost of a “trophy wife”, just without the emotional attachment. So why not give those hard working women your money instead of going through the emotional (or should I say financial) heartache of divorce.

So that being said I leave you with this… The truth is you can’t expect love to come when you are searching for it or when you want it. My greatest loves have come when I was praying to God, on my knees (ok, actually in a cuddle ball somewhere on my floor), telling Him, “I give up!” And, with tears flowing down my face, I realized, you have to appreciate Love as it is given.

A true love appreciates you when you have nothing… because they love you for who you are, not what you have. It is not what you can offer them, but what you already have


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