6 Jul

Reading is an activity which is almost neglected today. If you read just 15 minutes a day, it means you are a slow-paced reader, but if you continue to adopt this habit, you will finally read one book per month! The mind needs to be nourished continuously. It is said, "For the mind’s nourishment, reading is essential. Minds feed on minds. When you read, you grow with its riches". The books of Alvin Toffler, the world famous author of ‘Future Shock’ and ‘Third Waves’, have mentioned that the world is poised at the brink of a Third Wave, in which the power of the machine will be replaced by the power of mind. So this is the Information Age where the role of computers and communication is leaping ahead for a modern advanced age, but to master the skills of computing and understanding or adopting the new technology, one needs to read between the lines!  

An average reader can read 300 words a minute. In seven days, a person can read 31,500 words! Books vary in length from 60,000+ words and so in one year of average reading by an average reader of 15 minutes a day, at least one can read 12 to 15 books a month. More demanding is taking time out for reading and secondly, on selecting material. One can read a book or a magazine or be a regular newspaper reader, or even be an online reader. If one has the determination, the busiest calendar schedule can be set up for a few minutes. One can adopt being a silent reader or a loud reader. More important is the speed. It comes with regularity. John F. Kennedy was the fastest reader.

Li’l ë’s friend (who has a university degree in history) once told her that John F. Kennedy instilled upon his children the habit of reading the newspaper each & every single day for one hour. 

A normal educated person is able to read about 250 words a minute and so with speed, a person can read more than these many words. There are different kinds of readers – some just read, few absorb. Reading with concentration, understanding and absorbing the right knowledge and information are the people who are strong willed and determined to reach success. Reading makes a real difference in Education and Information. With the Internet activities, Reading makes great difference in Entertainment too! Computer games are also tools to tackle examination. One requires deep concentration, action and using the best brain cells. Games are adventures in excellence on computers but reading is required to activate these brain cells for better functioning.


Your success in life depends not only upon your stars but also on Reading. Your ability to carry an interesting conversation and keep yourself in the limelight depends on how much one can learn and remember through reading habits and current publications. Reading and being aware are two factors which are like master cards that earn you success. The Choice is Yours! How to set up a Reading schedule is in your own hands. If one allows ‘Excuses’, these very excuses (which are lame) harness the progress. It only needs to be practical and take great steps, be disciplined, determined and keep Reading.

My fave JFK quote ~

Conformity is the jailer of freedom & the enemy of growth.


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