Enough about me… I’m gonna air someone else’s dirty laundry!

25 Jun

The following was written by Heidi ~ May 11, 2009

Someone to look up to…

I have a confession to make. I am an unfit mother. Yes, I know it was Mother’s Day just yesterday and everyone was praising their mums for a job well done, but I’m ashamed to admit I don’t live up to the stereohype (I mean type).

We all know mothers are perfect in every way. They are calm, caring and concerned, nurturing and loving and gentle. Mothers can handle any situation with ease and most importantly remain ladylike and well mannered at all times. Right?

Well that’s what Hallmark and New Idea and those women on the home shopping channel would have us believe. But I happen to be privy to some very disturbing information – I have witnessed some mothers falling far short of their Stepford-Wife expectations.

I know this because I’m one of them. Sometimes I am rude, I swear and (believe it or not) I don’t handle every situation to the best of my ability. This week I found myself in a position that left me feeling very ashamed.

(Insert Days of Our Lives theme music here) Having 30 seconds earlier retrieved my car from the smash repairers, I was cut off by another driver who then proceeded to beep at me when our cars came within 3mm of each other.

Just a few metres down the road as I slowed to turn, the driver continued to beep at me as though his inability to stay in a lane was somehow my fault. Without hesitation I reached across the passenger side and gave him the finger, along with a few insulting phrases.

This might have been an understandable reaction, the only problem was my eight-year-old daughter was sitting in the passenger seat at the time and witnessed my very un-motherly response.

"Um, mum. Did you just point the rude finger?" she quizzed, clearly appalled by my behaviour.

How could I deny it. I had to ‘fess up. "Yes sweetie, I did point the rude finger… to that awful, nasty, f…ing pathetic excuse for a driver." No, just kidding. I didn’t actually say the second part out loud, just mumbled it under my breath. Is that bad?

Anyhow, I apologised to her for my outburst and explained that losing your temper will never improve a situation, least of all an already inflamed one. "Remaining calm is always a better option," I explained ever so pathetically.

I felt like I had failed her. She seemed confused more than disappointed. I could see she was pondering the situation and replaying it in her innocent little mind.

I cringed as I realised the thought process of an eight-year-old upon first realising their mother was in fact defective:

1. Mothers don’t swear.
2. But mine just did.
3. So that means it must be OK to swear.
4. Cool, I’m allowed to swear.

There is no turning back now. She will never see me the same again.

Pedestals can be rather high and falling off them hurts a lot. Is it fair to expect mothers to set a good example EVERY time?

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