Where No Man Has Gone Before

16 Jun

Gene Roddenberry demonstrated over and over in all of Star Trek, how a collective world of "peace" with central governments is a bad idea, and the needs of the many are NOT more important than the needs of the INDIVIDUAL in freedom, through history and in futuristic sci-fi dramatizations.
Everything you desire, But still a cage.
Public servants become your masters when you willingly become dependant on them.
We can’t continue *demanding* our "public servants" keep meeting our every "need".
If we come to depend on them as much as dogs do their masters, then our elected public servants will, and are in fact becoming our masters, and we are becoming domesticated peasants, totally depending on them for our basic "needs".
In freedom, the people meet their own "needs" and are very proud to be free to do so!
A lesson well learned under the rule of the royal bloodlines in England long ago, and under socialist and communist governments.
It is our lack of knowledge that is allowing this to repeat now.
Social workers, gun control, Socialism, Nazi Germany, Nanny-State, Big-Brother, Father-Land, Mother-Land, Home-land Security.
We’re almost completely in it again.
It sounds good, free health care supplied by government, gun control to "protect us".
Allowing the military to police citizens(as of last year), But it’s the wrong way.
Communism sounds good, but it’s not!
They’ve been patiently waiting for this.
Don’t let them do it !!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (by vudumojo)


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