16 Jun

Yeah, all of you friends, artists & porkers out there!


MCanada, Li’l ë, Bart(holomew) The Hammer & Jaydee (Jess Duld) will be only some of the few artists & friends you might be taking the right path in seeing inside of the RIB FESTIVAL @ PIER 4 PARK, HAMILTON (The Hammer), Ontario (Ontariariario) – say that thrice & try spelling it once, heh! (Mgmt’s charging $150/table for artists). My friends & I prefer to work "solo" & will show you our portfolios while we’re piggin’ out on ribs & getting hammered (haha). Our pics not only include our artwork but also the innovative, creative, detail-oriented & purposeful designs & accomplishments of rarely mastered tradesmen that are equal only to those of fine artisans displaying a true passion for their niche. So come on down to The Armpit of Ontario, and don’t forget to visit Fred & Edna Boyle’s Prairie Warehouse Emporium while you’re there  PöErrrrrrrhhh rrrhayerrr, Tigerkittens!


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