For those who love the smell of D & G

12 Jun

…and just in case you might have been misled or mislead by me in some way or another, in this case I’m referring to

 Davey and Goliath!

They’re better than a squirt of D & G, that’s for sure!

Davey and Goliath was a childrens’ television series produced by the Lutheran Church in the 1950s and 1960s and televised widely across the United States,  the Caribbean and around the world. Although Davey has not appeared on broadcast television for nearly 35 years, it still is remembered as a pop culture "icon" with continued television and film mentions.

The ELCAegan making plans to return Davey to television in 2001. Links on this Web site provide a complete history of the program and its characters, connections to sites where you can order the original Davey programs and find out about new Davey products and productions, and video clips of and about the show. Enter your E-mail on their page and press "Join the list" to receive updates about their progress in returning Davey to the airwaves.

They hope you will enjoy the site. Their goal is to bring the important faith-based messages communicated through these characters to children and their parents in the 21st century. Read more about Davey and Goliath in a summary from Eric Shafer, Director, ELCA Department for Communication.

The Rev. Eric C. Shafer, Director
ELCA Department for Communication

And by the way, folks, Li’l ë was confirmed as a Lutheran in The Hammer’s St John’s Lutheran Church, and now I see why Davey and Goliath was one of the few shows she was allowed to watch as a child


One Response to “For those who love the smell of D & G”

  1. ♥ Bekkie June 12, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    I was brought up Lutheran too! Bible school in the summer, had to go through Catechism for my first Communion for graduation and even Suday School after church. Then my brother came along and didn\’t have to do any of it except go to church on Sundays. Even then my mom was an ass! My church was called St. Paul\’s. As soon as I got done being forced to do all this I dropped my religion. \’Losing My Religon\’ by REM LOL! I still believe in God but not in a structured way at all. I do remember David and Goliath and on Adult Swim for awhile they had a show called Moral Oral only that was funny! For instance one time Oral brought people back from the dead cause he thought he was doing them good. The only problem was they were all naked so Moral\’s dad said that was wrong we should give them clothes cause everyone in the town was afraid of them. Of course when they gave them clothes then the town wasn\’t afraid of them anymore! LOL! It was pretty funny! Adult Swim is an anime show, have you heard about it? Take care honey and stick around, I\’d miss you big time!! I can hardly write now, I woke up in a brain fog! ♥

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