8 Apr


     What is “dead time” and why are spirits more active at 3 am?

     Is it true that negative spirits are more active at 3 am because it’s the opposite time of Christ’s birth?

     A lot of paranormal “experts” have dubbed 3 amdead time” because they believe “ghosts” are more active then… which they are not.

     Define “spirits”. Most of these paranormal “experts” lack the ability to discern the difference between  ghosts and demons. Lost souls are always active. It’s just that our senses are heightened at night.

     Demons, on the other hand, who hate men and hate Christ, are far more active at 3 am due to it being the polar opposite of 3 pm – the time Jesus gave his life for all mankind. They desire nothing more than to insult God. 

     Spirits in general could be either or.

     So if you happen to be an “intuitive” person, don’t get too spooked out if you find yourself waking up at 3 am a lot of the (dead)time.



“It was a book to kill time

 for those who like it better dead” 

 (Dame Rose Macaulay)


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