3 Apr

Directly after awaking this morning, I came to the conclusion that it’s not our feet that stink, but rather the things that we say. I’ve been thinking heavily about this topic throughout the past week or so, while paying special close attention to a number of statements that have been made from the abundance of people I know & have known in my life (and they include myself, as well).



I’m sure you’ve all heard of the expression, “putting your foot in your mouth” & if you haven’t figured out what that means as of yet, it pertains to saying things to people that will not only embarrass the people you say things to & about, but it will also embarrass yourself in the long-run, when you end up cowering from the realization of what an idiot you were by saying these things in the first place.



If you’ve ever been called a dimwit by any hypocrites, you’ll know what I’m getting at here. You have to realize that you cannot stand toe to toe with these kindsa people, so just take off your boxing gloves & flip them the bird. If you wanna, you can even tell ‘em all to put their money where their mouth is.



Remember this, folks! A fave pastime of babies is putting their feet in their mouths.



And if you can’t get over the fact that we are only human & you start letting it eat you up inside, you need a good whack upside of the head, because you’re only taking 1 baby-step forward & 2 human-feet back. Pal-eez try to see the light here!  Trip the light fantastic if you wanna have a perfect day. Don’t make yourself look gay (as we used to say when we were kids, with absolutely no prejudice in mind except to imply that the other person was a silly & stupid person) by giving yourself away with the things that you say!



PS  One of my fave songs by The Cure, “How Beautiful You Are” explains how someone you thought you loved can make you hate them, in a flash! I suggest you put your best foot forward & read the lyrics to this deep & profound song [posted in one of eez blogs several months ago] – a song about a sweet human relationship that suddenly turned sour. Just let your fingers do the walking & you’ll find it in eez werld!


 Written by eCK  (1963 –     ) right offa the top of her head! 



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