the power of suggestion on bystanders

9 Mar
How do narcissists and psychopaths pull [it off]?

It’s easy. Any cynic can do so. All you need to do is exploit the fact that the vast majority of people NEVER think… ever!

Narcissists get away with what they do by playing the bystanders, who actually protect the "N" and help him or her abuse the victim.

This is nothing new. Till recently, till it became politically incorrect, the bystanders played the same role in rape and racism and such things. Always blaming the victim and making excuses for the abuser. Never able to quite fathom what anyone might see wrong with what they were doing.

Kinda like blaming the victim for disease during Biblical times – it’s always the same old story: blame the victim. The bystanders are Job’s Comforters. Even the victims of narcissists have been bystanders in other situations and behaved no differently than they complain about the bystanders behaving in theirs.

Only one thing puts an end to it and makes the bystanders "get it" about what is wrong with what they’re doing – punishment. Start punishing the bystanders for it, and they suddenly get unstupid and stop it.

For example, you don’t hear anyone daring to blame the victim for rape anymore, do you? Why do you suppose that is? What made people suddenly stop doing that? And if they suddenly became enlightened about blaming the victim, then why do they continue blaming the victim like crazy for other things, like narcissistic abuse and terrorism? So, how come bystanders know right from wrong only in cases of rape?

How’s your Hypocrisy Detector doing?

People have nothing against the stupidity and immorality of blaming the victim, do they? They simply avoid blaming the victim in certain taboo cases (like rape) because they do not want to be frowned on for it. But in all other cases, they just act like they don’t know any better.

And you can’t teach them, because, no matter what, they just don’t get it.

So, if you want to change the way the bystanders behave, you can forget moralizing. Bystanders are amoral. To get them off the enemy’s side, just punish them for being on the wrong side. Then they get religion fast.

In other words, call their stupidity what it is – stupid. Call their unfairness what it is – unfair. Call their infidelity what it is. Just stop giving them a pass to act like they don’t know what they’re doing.

I am sorry to say this about the human race, but it is true. It’s an undeniable, deplorable fact. People don’t think (except about how to make fame and fortune)… ever!

In fact, humanity’s so-called intellectuals are arguably the worst. Recent studies in the UK show that their minds tend to remain permanently in the "immature" state, the "educable mode," which results in cognitive flexibility, blindly believing whatever some authority figure says, and a wide open mind that will let anything in without first running a logic check on it.

And so, the behaviour of most people is like that of cattle. By that I mean that they do not "occupy the driver’s seat," so to speak. They are not consciously deciding how they behave. In fact, they are hardly aware of how they’re behaving. They are just unconsciously mirroring the behaviour of the other cattle around them in the herd.

For example, if you are walking down a street in New York City and come upon some scene that demands a reaction from people, you will see no one react without first quickly glancing around to see what others are saying and doing.

That’s why incredibly lopsided poll results are the rule (more than 90% of New Yorkers agree). You control that herd’s collective mind just by labeling the other 10% as evil.

Now, if the same thing happens in Kansas City, you will probably encounter some folks who don’t do that, but even there, where humanity isn’t tight-packed like sardines, most people just absent-mindedly graze on, unaware of re-orienting themselves every few minutes with the rest of the herd (to the movement of the sun).

But, at any given moment, you will find more than 90% of cattle facing the exact same direction. It’s the same with people. Because they don’t think.

Narcissists and psychopaths just exploit that to make fools of people, even making fools of the professionals in the field of psychology. 

One trick is just making things sound  like what they ain’t.

For example, let’s say you told me that it will be fair-to-partly cloudy today and I went around carrying on like this:

"Did you hear what she said! Holy manure! She said it will be fair-to-partly-cloudy!!! Can you believe that!"

That’s it. I guarantee that if I do that, I will get 9 out of every 10 people I approach to MIRROR my absurd reaction to your weather forecast. They will gasp at it, agreeing that it is outrageous. How on Earth could you say such a thing? Shame on you!

Why will I thus succeed in getting 9 out of 10 people to make fools of themselves? Because 9 out of 10 people are brain-dead.

Don’t take my word for it. Try this magic trick yourself: just react to a thing as though it were something else. And don’t be subtle about it. Be extravagant. Try it. It works. You’ll see. It’s hilarious. Because people are brain-dead.

In this example, I make your statement about the weather SOUND outrageous. How? By nothing but an ANTIC tone of voice in reaction to it. That is, I make a perfectly reasonable thing sound outrageous simply by screaming about it.

Picture me doing that. If your brain is on, you see farce. TV screen writers overuse this cliché so much that it’s hardly even funny anymore.

Yet when we see some clown like a narcissist enact this antic-farce in real life, nobody gets the joke.

Narcissists pull this stunt all the time, because people don’t listen and don’t think. So never underestimate the power of suggestion in just your antic TONE OF VOICE on the bystander.

And this happens EVERY TIME, not just sometimes, because the bystanders’ stupidity is (as pointed out above) willful… they want NOT to know what is wrong and stupid in what they’re doing. There is great advantage to them in it. 

Narcissists play bystanders like a fiddle. Many victims of narcissists describe this stunt.

The narcissist tries to impose his/her delusion on you by shoving it into your face and forcing you (through fear of his/her temper) to act as though it’s true. For example, the narcissist portrays the sky as purple. If you won’t play along, if you disrupt his/her imaginary world by trying to answer that the sky is blue, the narcissist throws a fit.

Narcissists are at their most blatantly childish at such moments: they actually cover their ears, shut their eyes tight, and stamp their foot – just like a tempestuous four-year-old brat – to silence you.

Why? Because you must not contradict his/her delusion. You must support his/her delusions by accepting his/her false statements of fact and acting as though they are true. In other words, you must follow the narcissist’s script.

The chief delusion the narcissist tries to foist on you is that he/she is a good person and has never done the sickening things he’s/she’s done to you and others.

This does more than wipe his/her slate clean. To understand the full significance, imagine a Germany in which Hitler was "our beloved leader," not a sicko. Hard to imagine…but try. Imagine what such a deluded Germany would be like. Imagine what kind of talk would flow.

Would the Germany created by this fictitious version of history be anything like the real Germany of today? No, it would be a radically different world, one in which things of the real Germany would be upside down. Like Alice… In Wonderland.

Now imagine someone trying to make you shut up and play along with such a lie, to act the same way you would act if Hitler were "our beloved leader", not a sicko.

But wait, Hitler attacked you and your kind as evil. And you are going to support his phony reputation of being a good person? Are you suicidal or what?


You can tell a bystander one million times that every narcissist’s middle name is Slanderer and it will just go in one ear and out the other a million times.


Read my  stupid bystanders: every narcissist goes through life deliberately ruining reputations by the dozen through telling the most sickeningly malicious lies about people WHO HAVE DONE HIM/HER NO HARM. He even does this to people who have done nothing but love him/her.

I’m sorry, but anyone who doesn’t smell the stink of that is stupid as a stick.

That isn’t just a personal character flaw… that is Wickedness it’s the  of narcissism – the mentality of the rapist: tear others down off that pedestal and drag them through a gutter to look good by comparison.

People who go through life doing this deserve nothing but our abhorrence.

Never, never, never support the phony facade this wickedness hides behind. If you do, you help the narcissist do you in. If you act like you trust him/her, you make those he’s/she’s lying to about you trust her. If you act like his/her relationship with you is friendly, you can hardly then claim that it was really predatory.

Yes, lying isn’t just something done with the mouth. Actions speak louder than words. Never play along with the narcissist’s fiction about the past. Honesty IS the best policy.

And so, just as in the Hitler example, there’s two sides to the coin: He was either a fiend or a good person. And, since he attacked you, that reflects on YOU. He was a fiend, and you have every right to defend your name by letting others know that he was a fiend.

Otherwise his attack of you will be viewed as non-malicious and therefore as evidence against your character.

Narcissists know this. They are expert at this game they’ve played all their lives. They know every dirty trick in the book. They constantly try to force their victims to behave as though the abusive narcissist is a good person. Constantly.

Thus, like every con artist, they get the victim to cover up their crime for them.

You mustn’t correct his/her version to clear your name from the onus of having been attacked as evil by Herr/Lady Hitler. Instead, you must shut up and just play along with the fiction that he/she is a person of goodwill.

Which amounts to… you must support the myth that YOU are the bad guy, not Hitler.

Would you accept that characterization of history? Would you thus HELP perpetrate this great lie against yourself and all the other innocent people slandered and abused by the Hitler? Would you legitimize what he did to them by representing him as a good person? I hope not.

That’s what narcissists do to you with their constant assault on reality through their lies.

If you insist on your right to act as though Hitler was a sicko, to thus answer the narcissist’s false claim, look out. The narcissist screams bloody murder. He/she makes what you’re doing (i.e., simply answering something he/she has said to correct a falsehood in it) sound HORRIBLE!!!!!

And the brain-dead bystanders go "Yup, yup, yup" and suck it up. It never dawns on them to think, "What’s so horrible about answering assertions that have damaging personal implications?"

All the brain-dead bystanders hear is the narcissist bawling that you won’t shut up. As though YOU are the one making the ear-splitting racket. Shame on you. You insist on equal time for your say about reality. How EVIL of you!!!!!

I am sorry, but the bystanders who fall for this stunt are idiots.

The victims of narcissists often report that a narcissist won’t stop at threatening to call the police if you don’t shut up and just let his/her lie stand as the truth.

Yes, he/she makes out you’re answering his/her lie as "harassment".

Now, one must be incredibly stupid to fall for a misrepresentation like that: You, a narcissist, declare the sky purple and get mad when the other person won’t behave as though the sky is purple. He/she tries to state that he/she knows and believes the sky to be blue, not purple. You try to prevent him/her from saying so by plugging your ears and yelling at him/her to shut up. If he/she refuses to be silenced immediately, you threaten to call the cops for "harassment."

How does a narcissist fool even cops into such absurdity? Just by using a screaming-bloody-murder tone of voice, that’s how. You could be reciting the words to "The Star Spangled Banner" in that tone of voice for all your actual words matter.

Just as the intellectually lazy look at nothing but the pretty pictures in books, they hear nothing but the antic tone and gestures in what people say. Forget the words; idiots can’t be bothered to give the matter a thought.

That cop never stops to think of what actually is happening. He or she is just being manipulated like a puppet by the power of suggestion in the narcissist’s antic tone of voice. I have heard this same story once too often, and I myself have seen a narcissist make a fool of cops. Cops? Of all people, shouldn’t COPS know better? Even when they see his rap sheet? Sheesh.

That’s stupid. Cops, judges, juries, neighbours – all the bystanders do this. If they used their heads for ten seconds they’d get the joke: ANSWERING someone else’s false assertions about your shared past is NOT evil. It is not harassing the poor, poor narcissist. Indeed, he or she is the harasser – harassing their victims constantly with false assertions about the past…

…that your narcissistic parent was loving and kind, or that the narcissist didn’t punch himself/herself out on you for 20 minutes straight yesterday, or that what the narcissist calls you isn’t exactly what HE/SHE is.

But the brain-dead support the narcissist’s claim of the right to say anything he/she wants to you, even direct abuse, and have his/her UNANSWERED say…because the brain-dead somehow consider it a crime for you to answer him/her.

That was just one example of how narcissists make fools of bystanders. Here’s the principle example of how they do it.

If the victim becomes angry over the abuse, the narcissist goes the other way — putting on his/her "Who-me?-I-wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly" mask. How hurt he/she is! How painful and cruel is the victim’s anger at him/her! How sad and hurt he/she will be.

Get it? Most people don’t get the joke. Read my numbskulls: To view the abuser as the injured party is wildly stupid. You have to disregard the abuse and see the natural reaction to it as the issue. Which means that you are too stupid to even get the issue straight.

Then you have to deny the victim’s right to self-preservation and insist that the narcissist has a right to a live-in victim to abuse.

You do this utter, utter stupidity because your brain-dead automatons are being controlled by the power of suggestion in faces that you mindlessly just mirror.

So any absurdity is possible with you, because not one line of sensible thought occurs in your heads.

Why bother even mentioning this unpleasant truth?

Because the stupid bystanders are enablers and a major reason for the harm narcissists and psychopaths get away with. There is only one thing that will get bystanders to stop the stupid act… that is, if they start getting called "stupid" for it. When it ceases to be politically correct to be stupid, it’s amazing how fast people suddenly get a brain  

PS…Destructive Narcissists can be either Male or Female. The vast majority of narcissists are not and never will be, diagnosed  


(originally posted by Barbara & edited by Li’l e)


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