The Buttered-Cat Paradox

16 Feb

 Cartoonist Greg Williams takes on a paradox involving two common observations: 


1) A cat always lands on its feet, no matter what height you drop it from.

2) A piece of toast with butter or jam always lands spread-side down.


Here’s Williams’s stab at "the buttered-cat paradox":

Turns out, naturally, that others have had this same idea, with varying levels of seriousness. There was an article in the New Scientist about the conundrum. There is also a short animated film that considers the practical application of the cat-jam composite. Weightlessness! Why not use jam-slathered cats to power monorails? It’s like biodegradable fuel. "Hmmm…perpetual motion"

(Excerpts from article in the Boston Globe Mon Apr 23/07 and edited by Li’l  e)


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