6 Dec

I don’t know what made me “fink” of this title for my blog of today…I more or less just like the sound of it, along with experiencing a profound & profuse profusion of sumfin’, or should I say “sumfings” cus life’s been treating me with a profound & profuse profusion of benefits, which have provided me the ability & stability to get my old self back – that productive, joyful & creative me that I had misplaced somewhere within the past decade or so, that me that I have found once again, after searching so hard for! “Fings” that have been lost usually get found, I believe, and even if you have to take a breather for a while & give up looking for them, they usually appear right before your eyes, just when you least expect it! All you have to do is “open your eyes” sometimes. This is what the li’l dingbat says, “Say what you mean & mean what you say…only then will you have the way”.


Anyway, I am on my 6th coffee since I awoke at around 11 am (and no, I was not partaking in any alcoholic beverages last night, hee hee hee!); I stayed up til 5:30 am watching movies (Batman/The Dark Knight, The Seed of Chucky, The Village and Something’s Gotta Give)…I would like to contribute a quote from the director John Waters (cameoed in The Seed of Chucky), as follows: “What doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger”.


And don’t I know it, heh! I was touchy yesterday because I had been speaking with someone who has been through a lot of emotional turmoil & hurt , and after I read some literature & watched a vid about emotional & verbal abuse, I became extremely downtrodden, and feeling the need to lie down for a bit,   I wrapped myself up, like a mummy in dire need of a “mummy”…ha ha! Anyway, I’m feeling much better now that I had some good company & good times. I felt the need to apologize to a better-than-good friend at around 3 am in the morning (after I had to leave the room as Joaquin Phoenix was getting stabbed in the gut), cus this li’l big-hearted girl picked up vibes that she had offended him in some way, as she sometimes has a bigger-than-big mouth & gets kinda carried away. I knew he would forgive me anyway, cus that is an “unspoken awareness” between us & no words need to be said. I’ve decided to read, as seldom as possible, any  abuse literature or talk about abuse for that matter, unless it’s absolutely necessary, as I feel that it does one more harm than it does them any good. Think of it this way, as if you’re stirring up the shit from the bottom of a fishtank and clouding up the rest of the clean & clear water. Don’t you love my metaphors? I see it this way – what’s done is done…just follow this simple rule and you will stay clean & clear of abuse: “STAY AWAY FROM ABUSE”, as I have been doing, along with the help & support of my true friends, one of which posted this comment on my blog, “My Side of the Story”: "so it’s the same old story of power….but it takes strength to let the abuse go and get on with it…." . That’s right – it takes strength, a great deal of strength. And I am being told each & every day that I am a very strong woman – for I AM STRONG.

 It’s simply-put & quite simple, ain’t it? I feel like some kinda wonderful now that I have been staying away from it – I have gained almost 15 lbs back in the past month & a half, been living 97.62% (see eez Formula For Living) and how I know that is because I actually will just GET UP & DANCE at any given moment of the day, and dance like it’s the last dance that I will ever have again! Yep……it’s that easy! Hope you have a better-than-good day!


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