eez formula for living

29 Nov





Keeping this li’l tidbit of info in mind, I want you to “picture this”……li’l eez WAY OF PUTTING THINGS into perspective, so to speak . Here is eez FORMULA (self-developed on Friday, November 28, 2008) which sheez applying to her own life & also for every individual in this world in which we live to apply for themselves…


Keeping what I’ve already told you in mind, picture plants becoming limp due to a "difficiency" in water (and the reason why I have misspelled deficiency is because, according to the way I see things, WE ARE DIFFERENT), as we being humans, also tend to become limp, thereby losing strength & freshness. This “wilting” (which I have coined it), only requires watering to nurture it back into living. You should only spend 4 hrs/week wilting (which others might refer to as whining, complaining, crying & lamenting). There are 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day. If you multiply 7 days by 24 hours, you get 168 hours. 168 hours in a week! That is a hell of a lot of TIME, ain’t it? And did you know that only 4 hrs spent “dying” is only 2.38% of the whole picture. The other 97.62%, I believe, should be spent “living”. I don’t think that people should drag shit around with them, like wearing an old & stinky diaper, and they shouldn’t let things “eat at them” (not for long, anyway). I have developed “eez personally-developed remedies” for dealing with things that eat at you….’cus people shouldn’t drag that 2.38% of dying into the 97.62% of their living. When I am sad about sumfin’ (as Johnny Depp will say in From Hell), I spend my 97.62% of my living looking at the brighter side of that 2.38% of dying, as




Instead of diminishing that 97.62% of living by a weak, li’l wee 2.38% of shit-baggage, JUST GET ON WITH IT – that 97.62% which “wins by a majority vote”! Let’s put it this way, sugar baby:


LIVING…it’s the only 97.62% piece of any pie that you can ever eat all at once without ever having to feel guilty & without ever getting sick from


What I have already come to conclude, from “self-teaching" myself about us people, is this: we need positive influences around us, not negative influences. Here is an easy step for us to keep taking for the rest of our lives, if we wish to live, and it’s super easy: STAY FAR FROM NEGATIVE THINGS & STAY CLOSE TO POSITIVE THINGS. That is the only step we all need to take, each & every single day of our lives.


Li’l ‘e’ is now doing things “her way”, and has been researching the song MY WAY (orig. by Frank Sinatra). In a German adaptation of this song, Nina Hagen (one of eez many idols) states,


der Dreck mußt weg, sonnst bleibt er da, ein ganzes Leben


(eez English translation)

the dirt must be gone or it will stay a whole lifetime


So, I guess you get my point by now, eh? I am now going to publish something (again) which you should practise: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, copied from a psychology book I read over & over again for 6 years, called Just For Today, by Iyanla Vanzant (or something like that). I left this book behind at a job so that an elderly alcoholic woman would read it, and felt it was time for me to help someone else. Here they are (and please pay special attention to points 8 & 10):


1.                 Thou shalt make it your business to get in touch with God first each day.

2.                 Thou shalt remember to pray for your mother and your father as soon as you finish praying for yourself.

3.                 Thou shalt honor thyself enough not to take things that do not belong to you, and this includes other people’s people.

4.                 Thou shalt refrain from telling someone something about somebody until you have told that somebody to their face.

5.                 Thou shalt refrain from saying anything to anybody that you would be ashamed or afraid to say to God, to God’s face.

6.                 Thou shalt do no less than two good things for yourself each day.

7.                 Thou shalt do one good thing for another each day.

8.                 Thou shalt confine all whining, complaining and criticizing to every other Wednesday, between the hours of 2:00 A.M. and 3:30 A.M., when the moon is full. When the moon is not full, oh, well, thou shalt wait until it is.

9.                 Thou shalt live fully, or thou shalt not. This choice is yours.

10.            Thou shalt believe the best about everything and everyone until you have concrete evidence from God to the contrary.


Until today, you may have believed the old ways and the old laws did not apply to your life today. Just for today, apply each of these commandments to every aspect of your life.


Keep telling yourself this as you practise “eez easy step in living”:


“TODAY…I am devoted to applying the old-millennium laws to the new-millennium conditions in my life!”



 take it from "the ditz", who is gonna  now, finally!




One Response to “eez formula for living”

  1. Cinderella Story August 2, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    The FORMULA 1 is fun to participate in. There\’s nothing to be afraid of & no one gets hurt.

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