my side of the story

29 Oct


Guten Morgen, faithful readers…


It’s 3:22 am; I am sitting here, feeling like some kinda wonderful.


Why, you may be wondering…wayelle, I will tell you why…


Because I love myself, that is why. And also because I am happy with myself.



The rest of this most personal story has been deleted

(Saturday, October 23, 2010 shortly before 10 a.m. Ontarian time) because

I feel that what’s done is done and we have all learned from our mistakes & hopefully we won’t repeat them again.

That’s all that matters in this life.



P E A C E !



Ciao babies!  



 Sometimes it takes a lotta bad things to happen before something good comes out of it all  




One Response to “my side of the story”

  1. Paul October 29, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    so it\’s the same old story of power….but it takes strength to let the abuse go and get on with it…the more you leave your self open to it the worst it will get…how do you forgive someone that destroys your life and well being ….well you can\’t …it;s just the way it is…so get on with it…

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